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APS- Membership includes annual peony farm and garden tours statewide.

APS- Membership prices on annual root sale and statewide retail supporters.

APS- Up to date educational and research information.

APS- Opportunity for community involvement.

APS- Opportunities for building friendships and growing together as a peony community.

  • Cultivate
  • Enjoy
  • Educate

Click PDF to print membership form.

Membership forms may also be requested via email on our contact page.

Alaska Peony Society Membership Form and Information

Click PDF below for printable form


The Alaska Peony Society is committed to inspiring the continued cultivation of the Paeonia species throughout the state of Alaska and beyond our seemingly endless borders.


Is the anything more enjoyable then nurturing these gorgeous plants? Maybe just one and that is sharing it with others. Whether you are a backyard enthusiast, photographer, florist or commercial grower we encourage you to join us.


If you grow anything the chance to learn something new is always exciting. Come learn, come do, come teach with us and help spread the peony experience.

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