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Peony Society




The Alaska Peony Society’s (APS) purpose is to inspire the cultivation, enjoyment, and education of the genus Paeonia and public interest therein.

APS will offer community service projects through out the state of Alaska to include but not limited to, city , town, and borough beautification projects. We will conduct annual root sales to include planting expertise to assist our members and community with any cultivating needs.  APS will work hand in hand with our  community, its leaders, and schools with an emphasis on our Alaska gardeners and youth organizations.

APS will conduct  monthly meetings, annual farm and garden tours, and the Alaska Peony Society Bloom Show. This society will offer volunteer assistance at the Alaska State Fair and  other like organizations to help promote the enjoyment of the genus Paeonia. APS will provide expert speakers at each monthly meeting and classes to assist in education on the genus Paeonia, the varieties doing well in the great state of Alaska, and new varieties available.


APS will distribute current research available and assist, where it can, on Paeonia research being conducted through out the state of Alaska.

Endorsement Policy

The Alaska Peony Society (APS) does not endorse private peony growers in Alaska.  Alaska has a growers association, many cooperatives and numerous individual family/boutique farms available to choose from for your peony needs. When farms are noted by APS it is not to endorse or advertise. It is for the purpose of passing along general peony information or events, occurring, that may interest our members and our peony community.

Alaska Peony Society Purpose
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